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To provide an even greater level of security, members are strongly encouraged to register for SMS One Time Password (SMS OTP). SMS OTP is compulsory for all new HandyNet users. 

What is SMS OTP

SMS OTP is a 'second factor' security option for HandyNet users. This is a once-only, random password which is generated and sent to a mobile number that has been pre-registered. 

Why do I need SMS OTP

If you require a daily transfer limit higher than our standard limit you will need to register for SMS OTP. You may also be required to have SMS OTP for other functions performed in HandyNet. For instance SMS OTP is sent when: 

  • Your contact details are changed
  • Your password is changed
  • A transfer is made to a new payee
  • A new payee is loaded in the address book
  • An existing payee is updated

How do I register for SMS OTP

Firstly register for HandyNet. You can do this online, via your local branch or by phone. Once you have your HandyNet password you can register for SMS OTP within HandyNet under 'Setup Security Options' in the 'Services & Help' menu. New users will require SMS OTP to gain full HandyNet access.

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